Anything but traditional, our school life allows for creativity and individual expression.

The school day

Our passionate and experienced team of educators are committed to nurturing the unique talents and abilities of each student. Through a combination of innovative teaching methods, small class sizes, and personalised attention, we empower our students to reach their full potential.

Time is prioritised to maximise academic, social and emotional development. Lessons vary from 40 minutes to 80 minutes depending on the requirements of the timetable.

All our educator guides are available to provide academic support to entrepreneurs as needed between 15:00 to 16:00 (high school) and 14:00 to 15:00 (primary school).

Our Environment

To ensure that our school remains a safe and friendly environment, we are dedicated to making Radley a bully- and drug-free zone.

Additional Information

IEB school

As of 2022, Radley is an IEB (Independent Examinations Board) school. IEB focuses on teaching learners how to think rather than on what to think, on how to frame the important questions rather than only on the answers, and how to critically engage rather than what to say. The IEB approach encourages learners to consider issues for themselves . . . to be analytical, reflective and resourceful in order to provide unrehearsed, substantiated responses that they develop themselves. In essence, the IEB model of teaching, learning and assessment addresses the why and the how aspects of learning in addition to the what.


For an additional monthly cost, Radley offers its own transportation service for entrepreneurs who live within Randburg, surrounds and the northern suburbs. The school collects and drops off children in and around Ferndale and the Randburg CBD up to William Nicol Drive, the N1, Beyers Naudé Drive, the Cresta Shopping Centre and as far as Lanseria. We can also arrange to transport children outside these areas, as long as it is within a distance of the school.

New bus route covering Honeydew, Eagle Canyon and Wilgeheuwel.


We pride ourselves on nurturing responsible individuals so we favour a flexible dress code over a traditional school uniform while also keeping affordability in mind. Our entrepreneurs are expected to be neat and presentable at all times. This helps them to develop discretion, responsibility and pride in their school and themselves. As they approach grades 10 to 12, our entrepreneurs receive more freedom in terms of jewellery and hairstyling.


We refer to all of our learners as entrepreneurs – even in grade RR. Instead of prefects in grade 7, we have a Board of Entrepreneurs; in matric we refer to them as Executives. Our class monitors in each grade are referred to as class managers.


The traditional classroom is making way for ergonomically flexible seating and working options that cater for individual learning styles. Entrepreneurs can choose to stand or sit on regular chairs or exercise balls, and to work on laptops or desks.

Our guides are encouraged to experiment with classroom arrangements that facilitate engagement and sustained concentration.


Our aftercare programme is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for our entrepreneurs and is an enriching extension of our regular school day. Safety is our top priority and parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are well cared for during these extended hours, with a parent or guardian signature required for a child to leave the school premises.

To meet the diverse needs and interests of entrepreneurs of every age, our aftercare focuses on enjoyable recreation like creative arts, educational games and physical activity, as well as on completing homework. If an entrepreneur has an extramural scheduled they will complete their homework after the activity. Aftercare is held in our flexible learner lounge from Monday to Friday with a facilitator on duty and entrepreneurs must be collected by 17:30.


Based on global research, it has been shown that children who participate in team sports are much less likely to become entrepreneurs than those who pursue solo sports.

For this reason, Radley is not a school that focuses on team sports. We are, however, committed to providing a weekly programme that exposes our young entrepreneurs to a variety of physical activities, exercise, individual sports and pursuits.

Neo Series Campus powered by Advantage Learn

The Neo Series is a flexible, blended learning solution that we utilise to empower our learners to engage actively in their Maths learning journey both inside and outside the classroom. Working hand in hand with the Neo Series workbook, the Neo Series online campus is a cutting-edge online learning environment where learners will find a bank of digital learning resources for Maths including video lessons, question banks, online quizzes and worksheets.