Our first priority is the welfare and progress of every learner

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Welcome to Radley Private School

Radley Private School, in Ferndale, strives to develop responsible, caring and well-rounded individuals who are self-confident and independent thinkers – the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Our top priority is the welfare and progress of every learner. Our classes are small, which gives us the ability to provide personalised, individual attention. We encourage parents to become involved in school activities and to support their children both academically and emotionally.

We believe in harnessing the individual strengths of each of our young entrepreneurs to develop a foundation of self-sufficiency and independence.

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“We strive to develop responsible, caring and well-rounded individuals who are self-confident and independent thinkers – the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow”


Join the private school that looks at things differently. We accept admissions all year round.



Our preschool focuses on nurturing your child through the crucial early development years. For more information, please click on the link below.



From their first reading book to their first exam to their first dance, Radley Primary will support your child through these new challenges.


(GRADES 8–12)

These turbulent, important years lay the foundation for the rest of your child’s life. An anti-bullying zone, Radley High is dedicated to growth and learning.

Parent Testimonials

The Radley Journey

From grade RR all the way through to grade 12, as an Entrepreneurial School we focus on three primary areas of the individual’s journey.


The Radley approach is designed to ensure that each child is celebrated for their own unique set of strengths and weakness, for their talents, for their characteristics and for their idiosyncrasies. It is important for children to learn who they are and their uniqueness in the world, as these are important building blocks of self-esteem, empathy and personal power.

The Academic Journey

The reality is that academics count! At Radley, we take academics very seriously and strive to ensure that every child receives the best possible academic credentials. However, beyond this and beyond good grades, we aim to provide a good, well-rounded education. Radley entrepreneurs are exposed more broadly to academic theory and are encouraged to integrate their learning into real-life, practical application.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Our entrepreneurial programme is integrated into every lesson plan of every subject from grade RR to grade 12 on a progressive basis. Radley entrepreneurs are exposed to business, to entrepreneurs, to leaders and to lateral thinkers so that interactions with these types of people become normal and commonplace in their upbringing.