Creating the leaders and job-creators of tomorrow.

Raising tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship as a subject

Radley aims to help parents raise the next generation of job creators through a holistic, unique and inclusive approach to traditional education.

By integrating entrepreneurial principles into the curriculum, we foster proactive and creative thinking in our learners, helping to equip them with the skills they need to succeed in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.

We encourage all our learners – whom we call entrepreneurs – to apply the methodologies of entrepreneurship to their everyday lives, whether it be for a cake and candy sale, an English project or the development of their own business ideas.

Our entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to exercise their skills and knowledge though ongoing entrepreneurial activities and assignments. These tasks provide them with the experience and knowledge that will guide them in making informed and mature decisions about their future careers.

The Radley “Marinade”

Our goal is to immerse our entrepreneurs in what we call our “marinade” of entrepreneurship.

The younger a child is exposed to and “marinated” in the language and concepts of entrepreneurship, the more likely he or she is to assimilate these ideas into both consciousness and sub-consciousness.

This, we believe, provides our young entrepreneurs with an incredible advantage in a future world where finding a job is becoming more and more challenging.

As we are an Entrepreneurial School, we seamlessly blend the principles of entrepreneurship into our core academic curriculum to impart the essential skill-set, heart-set and mindset displayed in the world’s most successful self-made game-changers.

The Radley Journey

We do this by focusing on three primary areas – from grade RR all the way through to grade 12.


The Radley approach is designed to ensure that each child is celebrated for their own unique set of strengths and weakness, for their talents, for their characteristics and for their idiosyncrasies. It is important for children to learn who they are and their uniqueness in the world, as these are important building blocks of self-esteem, empathy and personal power.

The Academic Journey

The reality is that academics count! At Radley, we take academics very seriously and strive to ensure that every child receives the best possible academic credentials. However, beyond this and beyond good grades, we aim to provide a good, well-rounded education. As we are like a business school, Radley entrepreneurs are exposed more broadly to academic theory and are encouraged to integrate their learning into real-life, practical application.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Our entrepreneurial programme is integrated into every lesson plan of every subject from grade RR to grade 12 on a progressive basis. Radley entrepreneurs are exposed to business, to entrepreneurs, to leaders and to lateral thinkers so that interactions with these types of people become normal and commonplace in their upbringing.

Our entrepreneurial “sets”

We have implemented entrepreneurship as a separate subject. This and all our other subjects are infused with our three entrepreneurial “sets” which are designed to encourage our entrepreneurs to take responsibility for their own learning and overall achievement.




We develop business-critical skills:
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