Yulandi Noëth

High School Principal

Yulandi Noëth is dedicated to creating a nurturing creative space where young adults can explore their potential while enjoying their educational journey. She is passionate about innovation and leading educators to follow the most effective learning strategies in education.

High School Subjects Offered

The high school subject offering varies according to demand, we ensure that our curriculum allows our entrepreneurs to access the future tertiary diploma or degree of their choice.

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Advantage Learn

As a partner of Raizcorp, Advantage Learn offers facilitated additional Mathematics support lessons. These are built into our timetable and come at no extra cost.


For 40 minutes every Monday to Wednesday, our mornings at Radley High School begin with Kickstart activities. The purpose of our Kickstart programme is to allow entrepreneurs to start their day in a creative environment without academic pressure.

The activities are student-driven and project-based in nature. They vary from term to term according to the interest and suggestions of our entrepreneurs. The benefits of project-based learning are endless and include, among other things, enhancing skills in collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.

In an entrepreneurial school like Radley, we encourage our entrepreneurs to be creative in their approach to Kickstart activities and give them the opportunity to explore their own talents.

Some of our previous Kickstart activities include Comic Book Club, Breakfast Show, Fashion Design and Book Club. 

Every entrepreneur at Radley will find an area of interest within our Kickstart programme. Some entrepreneurs enjoy the limelight and attention of being presenters in our Breakfast Show, while other prefer to work behind the scenes to create content or are involved in planning and organising. We celebrate each entrepreneurs’ contribution to Kickstart. At the end of the year, we hand out Kickstart awards to those entrepreneurs who excelled in the programme.