Wilhelm Heuer

Educator Success Story:

“If you're a tech-savvy teacher looking for a place to share your skills, look no further than Radley, the entrepreneurial private school in Randburg, South Africa.”

Wilhelm Heuer – IT/CAT Guide

Teaching at Radley is a unique experience, thanks to the school’s commitment to small classes and a relaxed atmosphere. With well-educated teachers (or “Guides,” as they’re known at Radley) and a multi-cultural student body, you’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with eager learners from all walks of life.

But what really sets Radley apart is its dedication to entrepreneurship. As one of the few schools that teaches learners about business concepts and skills, Radley is the perfect place for a teacher who wants to instil a sense of innovation and ambition in their students.

The IEB curriculum method of teaching ensures that learners receive a well-rounded education, and as a teacher of Information Technology for grades 1O to 12 and computer literacy and Computer Application Technology for grade 12’s, you’ll have the opportunity to help students master essential technological skills that will serve them well in any career path.

Of course, it’s not all work and no play at Radley. The staff is supportive, relaxed, and always striving for excellence, creating an environment where entrepreneurs can embrace their differences and pursue their goals and dreams with confidence.

And while Radley is still a developing school, having only started five years ago, it’s already made a name for itself as a place where entrepreneurs and guides alike can thrive. With just 80 pupils from grades 8 to 12, you’ll have the chance to get to know your students on a personal level, building strong relationships that will help you guide them towards success.

So, if you’re a teacher who’s passionate about technology and entrepreneurship, and who wants to make a real difference in the lives of your students, come join the Radley team. It’s a funky, fresh, and altogether fantastic place to teach.

"Radley is the perfect place for a teacher who wants to instil a sense of innovation and ambition in their students"