Charné de Gouveia

Preschool & Primary School Principal

Charné de Gouveia is a dedicated educator with a passion for shaping young minds. She has a particular interest in emotionally preparing children for the social and emotional challenges they may face at school, and strives to empower parents on how best to support their children.

Subjects Offered

While our primary school subject offering varies according to demand, we ensure that our curriculum allows our entrepreneurs to access the future tertiary diploma or degree of their choice.

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At the primary school, we are lucky enough to have an educational kinesiologist who has assisted and supported Radley Private School in creating a 40-week programme that provides helpful BrainGym™ activities to activate learning in the brain.

In society today, we often see the body and the mind as separate and think movement has nothing to do with learning.

BrainGym™ uses movements to accelerate learning and enhance performance. This is performed through sets of exercises that help coordinate and integrate the two hemispheres of the brain. Neurologist and educator Dr C Hannaford speaks about how BrainGym™ facilitates each step of the process by waking up the mind–body system and bringing it to learning readiness.