Counting success: Maths confidence for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs

Turn your child or teen into a confident, number-savvy superstar. Join us for our public talk where two experts will share practical advice on how to get your children to actually enjoy maths (yes, really!). Admission is free but seating is limited.


Empowering numbers: 3 steps to fostering your child's mathematical confidence

There’s a trick to getting your child or teen to enjoy Maths and feel confident in their abilities. Want to know what it is? Parental involvement.

In this public talk, CEO of online education company Advantage Learn James Lees, will share three simple strategies that you can use to inspire your child’s love for numbers and set them up for success in school and beyond!

About the speaker - James Lees

CEO of Advantage Learn

As a passionate technology entrepreneur, James has dedicated the last decade to levelling the educational playing field. Through Advantage Learn, he has pioneered access to premier STEM education, equipping over 100 000 learners with the tools they need to excel in high-stakes assessments.

With a deep-seated belief in the power of parental support, James has observed firsthand how family involvement is pivotal in shaping a child's approach to learning, particularly in Mathematics. In this talk, James will share insights into building an environment that not only nurtures mathematical skills but also cultivates resilience and confidence in learners.


Maths myths busted: Banishing anxiety & instilling confidence

Maths doesn’t have to be a subject that makes your child anxious – by turning Maths myths into magic you can ensure they even enjoy it! In her talk, educator Yulandi Noëth will show you how changing your child’s mindset towards Maths can make all the difference in setting them up for future success.

About the speaker - Yulandi Noëth

Principal of Radley High School

Yulandi is an experienced educator and the principal of Radley Private High School. She is dedicated to creating a nurturing creative space where young adults can explore their potential while enjoying their educational journey. She is passionate about innovation and leading educators to follow the most effective learning strategies in education.

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