Charné de Gouveia

Preschool & Primary School Principal

Charné de Gouveia matriculated in 2006 from The Wykeham Collegiate, a prestigious private school in Pietermaritzburg. Already passionate about children, she jumped straight into a part-time teaching assistant position while studying for her Bachelor of Education. Graduating cum laude from UNISA in 2010, Charné took up her first teaching post at Curro Helderwyk, a private school in Brakpan.

In 2014, she became the Grade Head of grade R, where she created and designed of all of the preschool workbooks and homework books. In 2016, she was made acting Head of the nursery school. A year or so later, Charné moved to the intermediate phase as Head of Grade Four. Not one to remain stagnant, she started her own personalised stationery business. She designed and printed personalised stationery like diaries, notepads and calendars. Her main market was her fellow teachers – teachers love personalised stationery!

When she came across Radley Private School, she fell in love with the concept.

In January 2020, she joined Radley as the deputy principal of the primary school. By the end of the same year, her hard work, constant dedication and entrepreneurial alignment saw her becoming the principal.

Using examples from her own entrepreneurial experiences, she is able to better explain the themes that are covered. She is currently developing all the entrepreneurial content for each grade in the primary school. What she most enjoys about Radley is being able to immerse herself into the teaching.